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Because of Jesus’ extravagant love for us. Although we are so incredibly imperfect, Jesus’ perfect love is constantly being poured out over us, even before we are aware. This love empowers us to love others as well. 


We were not created to live in isolation. Instead we thrive in community. By living in community with others we are pulled into a deeper and more authentic faith as we use our own personal passions and gifts alongside others and their unique passions and gifts to change the world. 


As United Methodists, the steps toward membership involve baptism and committing ourselves to actively participating in the life of the community through our prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness. 

Contact Amy Thigpen for more information about how to become a part of our FUMCT Family.


It is through baptism we are claimed by God and we reciprocate that claim, together entering into a covenantal relationship.  We are given a new life, purpose, and identity as children of God. The power sin has over our lives begins to be overcome by the power of grace. And we begin to partner with God to make a difference in the world. Although we will still sin and lose our way, God’s commitment to our covenant never waivers. Therefore, we accept the baptism of all denominations and do not baptize again although a service of remembering our baptism is always appropriate. 


There are 5 ways we commit ourselves to life together in community: our prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness. We believe if we all offer ourselves fully to God in these 5 ways, together we will see our Tuscaloosa and the entire world transformed through the extravagant love of Jesus. The beauty of the Body of Christ is that we are all equally important and critical parts of the Body, just as we are.

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