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Welcome to First United Methodist Church of Tuscaloosa, a church that has existed for over 200 years. That’s not by accident. Rather, FUMCT remains a vibrant church by honoring its past, rejoicing in its present, and embracing its future.

Our church welcomes everyone—and that means all. Every. Single. Person. At FUMCT, no person should ever hesitate when wondering if Christ’s bountiful harvest is offered to them. It is. Everyone is welcomed to our church without judgment or prejudice.

FUMCT is a place to ponder the most difficult of questions even if people may arrive at different answers at different times and circumstances. We will not let disagreements impede what we have in common: the desire to walk as faithful disciples of Jesus Christ. We invite people to enter, interact, and explore elements of Christianity without fear or judgment.

We believe we should be as welcoming as the depth of God’s grace. Above all, this church believes that God is Love.

We have four Sunday services and both traditional and contemporary worship formats, each with its own pastoral and musical styles. You’ll find many opportunities to form a genuine relationship with God and to get involved, from joining a small group to teaming up for hands-on community service. Our wide variety of programs serves newborns through seniors
and all in between.

So welcome to FUMCT! No matter where you are on your Christian path,you will find a home here.

Welcome Statement

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